1.8T-Powered Donkervoort Almost 15 Seconds Faster than Carrera GT!

Lelystad, Holland – A few weeks ago, Porsche produced a fantastic performance with the Carrera GT, beating the three-year old lap record at the famous Nordschleife Nürburgring. The Nordschleife is considered to be one of the toughest circuits in the world which is used by various manufacturers for testing new prototypes. November 24th, however, Donkervoort broke up the Porsche party in the cruellest of fashions. The brand from Lelystad smashed the record set by the German supercar by no less than 15 seconds. This performance means that Donkervoort has genuinely earned the title ‘fastest production car on the Nürburgring Nordschleife’. Driver Michael Düchting was presented with the trophy by the organisers.

“We knew that we had a good chance. But upstaging a super-car like the Carrera GT just like that is very special”, according to Joop Donkervoort. A Donkervoort 270 RS was used for the record-breaking drive. This is directly based on the new D8 270 which will be available from next spring. The 270 RS used normal tyres and matched all the requirements a normal car would have to adhere to. “That is not only a requirement of the German magazine Sport Auto – which was the initiator of this record in 1995 – but it is also a good test case for us. The circuit, and the Nordschleife in particular, is simply the best place to test a car. The only difference between the 270 RS and the new D8 270 is the spoilers. These are neatly integrated in the new car and, therefore, not visible.

Long Preparation

Porsche had practised for months prior to breaking the record with the Carrera GT, currently one of the best-known super cars. The old record was held by the Porsche GT2 which set the fastest time in 2001. The Carrera GT, boasting 612 horsepower, covered the 22.3 kilometre circuit in two-tenths of a second less and clocked 7 minutes 32.44 seconds. Michael Düchting, the Donkervoort distributor in Germany, drove across the finish in 7 minutes 18.01 seconds – an almost unbelievable 15 seconds faster. Joop Donkervoort lets us in on the secret. “Our car is extremely lightweight and has 1.8 litre turbo motor developed specially by Audi for Donkervoort. This, in combination with special adjustments of the suspension and the super-stiffness of the chassis, make the car so unique. That is our strength. Our customers can drive off the public highway straight onto the race-track so it’s a purist car in every sense of the word. A lot of the technology used in the 270 RS will be found in the D8 270 and the equally new J25. We have every confidence in the future and this is a fantastic confirmation of our abilities”.

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