1st VWParts is offering the REMAINING Phat Noises for $119.40!!

Stock is nearly depleted on the PHAT NOISE system. At this time there are only approx. 300 left at VW depots in the country. VW will not be replenishing inventory as they do not fit current production vehicles. (A5 Jetta & B6 Passat)

The Phat Noise digital music storage system now offered by 1stvwparts.com is now on sale for $119.40. These were selling for $799 just a few months ago. Fitting all A4 generation vehicles except the New Beetle convertible, and all New Beetles up to 2003 _.. Also fits Passat and Touareg through 2005 models.

PhatNoise™ Digital Car Audio System

US $119.40

What is PhatNoise™?

The PhatNoise™ Digital Car Audio System is an evolutionary breakthrough in car audio entertainment. Imagine a factory CD changer with boundless capacity that knows how you like to listen to music, and you’ve got the PhatNoise. The key to the evolution is the ability to store hundreds of hours of content on a palm-sized hard-drive cartridge. In the car, the digital media player connects directly to your existing Volkswagen car stereo and puts all that music at your fingertips.


• Seamlessly integrates with your current car stereo

• Holds hundreds of hours of music

• Intelligently organizes your collection for no-distraction browsing using a text-to-speech interface

• One-step software to convert your CD collection

• Plays MP3’s and many other digital formats

• Only car product supporting audible books, magazines and periodicals

• Allows you to create hundreds of fully customizable playlists

• Easy installation

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