A.W.E. Tuning: Brembo Brake Kit for Mk4/New Beetle/TT

Brembo: there is no substitute. Now get the best for less!

A.W.E. Tuning is pleased to carry Brembo’s new four piston brake kit for the Mk4/New Beetle/TT. This kit uses a conventional one piece cross drilled rotor to save on costs as well as weight over the factory brakes. The stock brakes weigh 31 lbs per front corner and the one-piece rotor Brembo kit weighs 27.7 lbs per front corner – a 3.3 lbs reduction. This reduction in unsprung weight really translates to better handling and acceleration.

Each Mk4/New Beetle/TT kit consists of:

• A two-piece Lotus based caliper machined from high quality aluminum castings. Each caliper comes equipped with anti-rattle clips and FOUR asymmetrically sized aluminum pistons (36mm and 40mm) with dust seals. Calipers are available in red, black, or silver powder coated finish (please note when ordering).

• 323mm (12.7″) X 28mm cross-drilled or slotted brake discs (please note when ordering) with Cadmium plating.

• High Performance pad material suited for high-end street uses as well as limited track application.

• Goodridge brand DOT and TUV approved front stainless steel brake lines.

• CNC’d and anodized caliper mounting brackets with aircraft quality hardware.

These kits are completely ABS compatible and are designed to work with the stock master cylinder. 17″ minimum diameter wheels are required, as well as proper offset. Most 35mm offset wheels with little dish will clear the calipers. Hub centric spacer kits from H&R are available for tricky fitments. Please contact us with specific fitment questions; we have the answers you need.

For those interested in a two-piece rotor kit with even more weight savings, please click HERE

Why Brembo?

Brembo is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of brakes for Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, and BMW. Many of the top Formula 1, CART, NASCAR, and WRC teams also use Brembo. Brembo is the only brake company in the world that makes complete brake systems.

Brembo street calipers feature a floating pad design just like the best racing calipers. The floating pad design, combined with the floating hat and rotor assembly, allows the system to seek a true centerline for maximum braking performance and consistency. Operating at a true centerline means even force on the brake components and ultimate braking power.

Brembo actually owns their own aluminum mine, ensuring that the raw materials used to produce their brake components meet rigorous standards. They do not outsource their casting to cut-rate facilities in Taiwan, unlike most other aftermarket brake companies.

Brembo supplies the brake system for the world champion Audi R8! No one else can claim that distinction.

A.W.E. Tuning is the leading provider of products for Audi, Porsche, and VW from GIAC, B&M Shifters, Bailey Motorsport, Bilstein Shocks, Borla, Brembo, H&R Springs, Ross-Tech, CPP, HRE, and of course, our own line of A.W.E. Tuning and AWE/McNeil Competition products.