ABD Racing Is Now a VWvortex Advertiser

On April 15th, ABD Racing joined the VWvortex website as an online advertiser. Many of our enthusiast customers have been members for a few years, and to support those customers ABD Racing has joined them on VWvortex to discuss cars, parts and the latest trends. ABD Racing has been involved in the VW and Audi tuning scene since 1990, developing and producing some of the best go fast parts on the market. Over the years we have gained knowledge on these cars that proves invaluable on a daily basis. Now that we have joined VWvortex we will be able to offer all our knowledge to other members in VWvortex’s forums. To celebrate our arrival on VWvortex, we have posted a few specials to VWvortex members that you can take advantage of. Any time you Instant Message a Vortex member, you will see the ABD Racing, Vortex members specials. Be sure to check them out.