AMI Motorsports Announces DieselPower!

BARRIE, ON, April 26 – AMI Motorsports is proud to announce that they will now carry the full line of DieselPower Tuning products. DieselPower offers performance products for Volkswagen, Mercedes, Smart, Dodge and Sprinter.

Experience the Power

DieselPower® is one of the most popular modifications for diesel vehicles in North America. With the DieselPower® module installed, your diesel car, truck or SUV will enjoy upwards of 30% more torque and horsepower.

DieselPower® modules were designed to increase overall horsepower and torque while still maintaining or increasing your fuel efficiency. Modules come complete with the plug and play wiring harness, which plugs directly into the factory style connectors without any damage or tell-tale signs. Our modules were designed with extreme care so that all engine safety measures are still in place. Under normal operating conditions these units will NOT trip the check engine light.

About DieselPower®

DieselPower® philosophy and mandate is simple and to the fact. We are in the business of providing an effective “Safe” and “Dependable” solution for diesel driving customers in search of a reliable product that delivers genuine, smooth and transitional “Performance” without compromising “Quality” or affecting any mechanical or electronic safeguard set by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

DieselPower® or H&N Electronics took birth in Germany and has solely devoted their engineering resources and expertise at manufacturing “DieselPower® Modules” for diesel engines since 1990.

The whole product line is TUV certified (German Quality Certification Standard) and carries a full “3 Year Warranty” which we believe is the best in the business.

DieselPower® North America or is now the proud provider of these fine products and we look forward to maintain the company’s mandate, “Earn” your “Trust” and “Satisfaction”.

For further information or to place your order: (705) 730-1558, 1-877-225-5330,