AMI Motorsports: FK Coilovers and More Now In Stock!

AMI Motorsports now has FK coilovers, High-tec suspension kits & wheel spacers back in-stock. After a long awaited boat trip we have finally received our container from FK Germany!  

FK Silverline Plus – Height adjustable, stainless steel construction

FK Silverline Plus X – Height & rebound adjustable, stainless steel construction

FK Highsport – Height adjustable only

FK Konigsport – Height & rebound adjustable

Height adjustment varies depending on application.

Life time warranty against manufactures defects when purchased though AMI & its authorized dealer network.


FK Wheel spacers are available for most popular VW applications, ranging in size from 5 to 35mm.

Don’t forget we also offer the full FK product line from wheels to grills & lights.


Contact AMI if you have any product questions or to place an order.

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