APR Announces ECU Explorer

Have you ever wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how different aspects of your engine are affecting your performance? Then ECU Explorer is for you.

Have you ever wanted to log a wide range of variables all at once to give yourself a more complete picture of how your engine is running, but were frustrated by sampling rates so slow that the data was of little value?

With ECU Explorers unparalleled power you can:

– Log data at a rate of up to 18 samples per second or better

– Log as many variables as you choose with little to no degradation of sampling rate

– View a real-time graphing display of data

– Setup virtual gauges to view streaming data

– Replay and share logged data files

– View and clear fault codes

– Create custom variable groups for logging

– Export data to .csv format

– Free downloadable log viewer available

By creating ‘group’ files that utilize ‘property’ files unique to your cars ECU type you are allowed access to a wide variety of variables. Within your group file you can create different sub-groups that contain as many or as few variables as you wish. Create a group for logging timing related factors, and another group for logging boost related variables, a third for logging various temperatures, and if you wish then add another group that logs everything at once. From there it’s only a few simple clicks and you’re on your way to high-speed data logging or monitoring. ECU Explorer is flexible so you don’t have to be.

With ECU Explorer APR has given you, the enthusiast, unparalleled access to the inner workings of engine performance.

ECU Explorer is the premiere data logging software on the market today. Its powerful features and ease of use are second to none. With APR’s groundbreaking technology the enthusiast will no longer be in the dark when it comes to their engines performance!

More information about this product can be found at the APR website at www.goapr.com or by calling APR directly at 1-800-680-7921

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