APTuning Now a Distributor for BORO Wheels!!!

BORO Wheels was founded via a collaboration of an engineer and a wheel designer with decades of experience in the aftermarket industry. BORO Wheels prides itself on using only the highest quality, US-produced components.

Unlike some competitors (even some other so called “high-end” brands) all BORO Wheels go through full engineering and strength testing before ever being put into production. A special program is used to evaluate and further enhance designs by studying the structural integrity of the wheel assembly. This also makes it possible to produce simulated impact and stress testing thru this process. After this design process is completed and all designs are finalized and submitted to a third party testing facility. In this facility they conduct impact tests that duplicate real world situations and the all wheels are tested against SAE STANDARDS. The final product is wheel assembly that exceeds OEM specifications.

First available will be the Standard Movement series of BORO Wheels. All technical and engineering aspects aside what really sets these wheels apart from the rest of the market cosmetically is the the sheer endless possibilities of wheel styles. Virtually every wheel model they make is available in a single or 3 piece configuration. For example just using the typical colors of silver, black, and gold for the centers and lips returns over 10,000 possible combinations.

One of the really cool features of the 3 piece wheels is that there is no visible hardware. This makes for a different look and appeal to the wheel and easier cleaning. Wheels are available from 18″-24″ diameter and 8.5″-12″ widths. There are also many custom options available such as custom colors for centers, lips, and barrels, titanium hardware for 3 piece wheels, and spoke/flange pocketing for decreased weight.

These wheels are custom made in the United States therefore carry a lead time of roughly 4-6weeks. So if cookie cutter wheels are not your style and you are looking for a wheel that will most likely not be had by any other car at a show, BORO Wheels from APTuning are what you need!

For more information, see our forum post.