Autobahn Xclusive: VF Engineering 24v VR6 Supercharger

“24V? Stock? Not anymore! Autobahn Xclusive brings performance, reliability and stock feel with VF-Engineering’s 24V supercharger. Stage I delivers 6.0 psi and 280hp with 240lbs torque. (MK3 and MK4 12V kits are also readily available!)


The kit is set up in 3 stages for the 12V and 24V applications to give you an increasing amount of horsepower and torque. Each stage is a bolt on kit and can be added on to the previous stage.


VF Engineering designed this kit from the ground up using the infamous “bullet proof” Vortech Engineering supercharger unit. The key to the design of this supercharger kit is the simplicity in which it can be bolted-on. The kit is supplied with every part needed to get your car up and running supercharged on the same day.

Custom proprietary GIAC software is supplied with this kit to safely re-align all fueling and engine management parameters. The unique advantage of all VF-Engineering products is the 3-year unlimited mileage warranty coupled with lifetime software support and world-renowned customer service.


GIAC is one of the forefront automotive software tuning houses. GIAC powered software is developed on engine/chassis dynos to optimize performance for the fuel octane level in use via improved ignition timing, fuel delivery, and when applicable, boost settings with extensive fuel metering for precise air/fuel ratios.


We are offering the 24V Stage I: $3999 with FREE SHIPPING! Other options are available: extended warranty, boost gauge, pendulum mount, VF Race Bypass Valve and much more.


Brakes, clutch and differentials are highly recommended upgrades for optimal performance and safety. Be sure to ask us about package deals – we offer the best products in the business for your automobile.


Other stages and kits are available – please do not hesitate to contact us for the latest information and questions you might have.”