B&B VW Phaeton V10 5.0 TDI

B&B Automobiltechnik (Germany) provides a two-level program for the VW Phaeton that brings the comfortable Volkswagen on the second level up to sporty 294 kW / 400 hp / 920nm.

At the first performance kit the increase in performance up to 265 kW / 360 hp / 850 nm is achieved by a slight increase in boost pressure (+0,20bar) and an adaption of the injection code fields. At the same time the series-line torque control is modified and the Vmax limit is lifted. The price for this first level is EUR 1.698 and includes TÜV reports and warranties up to two years without any limit of kilometers.

For power-oriented Phaeton driver, B&B offers a performance kit up to 294 kW / 400 hp / 920 nm on a second level. Here the increase takes place with special B&B injection nozzles, the optimization of the induction area and air conduction as well as an increase in boost pressure (+0,25bar) with an adaption of the electronic injection code fields. As a matter of course the modification of the series-line torque control and the lifting of the Vmax limit is included in level 2 as well. The price for the second level is EUR 7.998 and includes the assembly, TÜV reports and warranties up to two years without any limit of kilometers.

B&B´s wheel program includes for the VW Phaeton an exclusive cross-spokes drop-center rim with a shiny polish highgrade steel rim base in 9,5” x 20 with tyres in 275/35-20 (Dunlop).

With chassis B&B offers an air spring chassis adaption that lowers the car about 20mm and thereby provides a sporish ride comfort without an influence on the driving comfort.

At any questions feel free to call the B&B hotline at +49 271 303230 (8.00-17.00 CET).