BahnBrenner Motorsport New G60 Twin Screw Supercharger Kit

Volkswagen’s G60 supercharger is now considered old-school cool, but BahnBrenner Motorsport is excited to announce a brand-new, bigger and more powerful supercharger to replace it. The new BBM supercharger utilizes the latest and most advanced proprietary twin-screw supercharger technology. The BBM G60 Supercharger Kit is detailed out to the max with beautiful CNC billet parts and over twelve years of evolution in design.

This kit is track- and street-proven. The 100% complete bolt-on kit directly replaces the G60 G-lader supercharger. Applications include Corrado G60, Golf G60, Passat G60, Rallye Golf and Golf 16v Limited.

Technical Specifications:

– Displacement 0.94 liters / 57 cubic inches per revolution

– Maximum air flow: 210 liters per second / 445 cubic feet per minute

– A chievable engine output: 300HP / 225Kw

– Drive Speed RPM: 15,000 RPM (continuous) 17,000 RPM (non-continuous)

– Compression: built in pressure ratio 1.8 BAR

– Pressure range: Up to 2.0BAR

– Engine capacity: Up to 3.0 liter

– Lubrication: self contained, sealed

Supercharger Kit Highlights:

– Solid CNC machined, billet construction

– Billet drive side and tail side mounting

– Superior performance to the: G-Lader, Turbo, Roots and Centrifugal systems.

– Greater adiabatic efficiency (Approx. 80%)

– Precision ISO 9001 Manufactured

– Complete G60 Replacement kit takes approx. two to three hours to install by experienced mechanics.

– Includes all parts for a turnkey installation on the G60 engine platform, instructions included



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