BBS Declares War on Brand Pirates

Piracy knows no bounds.  Whether it’s Sunglasses, Clothing or in this case Wheels, it seems that the marketplace is constantly flooded with counterfeit goods sold to unknowing (or willing in some cases) consumers for what is perceived to be a ‘good deal’.  Aside from cutting into the profits companies use to develop new products, these goods are oftentimes poorly built and can cause damage to a company’s reputation or in the worst case scenario- physical harm to the end user.  BBS is taking a stand against these fake wheels and their distributors, and has already put a stop to one internationally active ring of counterfeiters.

Check out their full Press Release below.

  • Counterfeiters are getting bolder
  • From fake hub caps to complete wheels
  • Premium wheel manufacturer goes after counterfeiters

Brand piracy has become a real problem for manufacturers of well-known products. This also includes premium wheel manufacturer BBS from Schiltach in the Black Forest. Criminals keep trying to make a fast buck with counterfeit products and internationally known brand names. The counterfeiters are getting bolder: The offers in well-known Internet auction houses ranges from fake center caps to complete wheels in trendy styles. For BBS, this causes significant damage – both to the brand image as well as in material nature. Buyers acting in good faith who buy low-quality counterfeits masquerading as bargains might be endangering their lives.

The wheel manufacturer has taken appropriate measures and stepped up their investigations into suppliers of counterfeited products carrying the BBS trademark. Those responsible at BBS work closely with customs authorities at home and abroad. For example, in collaboration with French customs officials and with the involvement of the district attorney and the police, they recently managed to put a stop to an internationally active counterfeit ring.

The alleged perpetrators obviously wanted to import fake BBS-brand wheels with the CH-R design to Europe on a large scale, as well as brand accessories such as BBS symbol plates. The investigation into this matter is still ongoing.  For this reason, no further details can be mentioned at this date. Just this: For laymen or for merchants, the fake CH-R wheels at first glance are not recognizable as counterfeits. At BBS, such counterfeits are now referred to as professional fakes. The fake wheels will be examined and destroyed after they are released. In Italy and the United Kingdom, similar investigations are underway. Their goal is to put a stop to the counterfeit gang.

“Under certain circumstances it could prove to be expensive for those who offer fake BBS articles on the Internet, for example on the online auction platform eBay or over Amazon. Our legal department takes vigorous action when it comes to ridding the BBS brand of piracy. The spectrum ranges from written warnings to damage claims,” said Erwin Eigel, Sales Director of the company.

About BBS:
BBS is the world’s most well-known brand for light alloy wheels. This is confirmed by awards from leading German and international automotive trade magazines. Careful controls guarantee the quality of products made by BBS, beginning with the heat treatment up to the surface finish. Each wheel produced is artificially aged. This is crucial for the strength of the aluminum. BBS only uses environmentally friendly coatings. The coating method guarantees the OE quality of leading premium car manufacturers.