Billet Aluminum Nitrous Bottle Bracket

Unorthodox Racing is proud to announce we have finalized our new nitrous bottle brackets and will begin shipping them in June! This is a beautiful piece worthy of any race, show, or street vehicle.

The universal mounting system features a small footprint and allows for easy placement of the nitrous bottle in just about any location in the vehicle. It is designed to work with both 10 lbs. and 15 lbs. bottles from any nitrous manufacturer. The bottle mounts in the billet hoops and is held at the neck of the bottle and towards the base. The bottle does not need to be removed from the hoops once it is bolted in.

A unique quick-release mechanism makes removal of the bottle for filling very easy without having to remove it from the mounting rings. This helps in eliminating those scratches normally seen when removing the bottle for filling from standard brackets! The billet brackets are available in a natural aluminum finish.

The part number and pricing are as follows:

Part Number: BKT-NS-100

Retail Price: $240.90

For more information on this bracket or any other Unorthodox Racing product please contact us at:

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