Black Forest Industries Announces More New Products

Black Forest Industries is proud to announce their newest products for Mk5 VWs – GTI,Rabbit,Jetta, Audi A3s, and B6 Passats. Continuing their motor mount lineup are two new products – The transmission torque arm insert (dogbone) and the upper transmission mount insert.

Their pendulum mount torque arm insert fills the voids in the stock rubber bushing, making what was a soft rubber bushing with voids into what behaves like a solid mount. With the insert installed, users will notice that throttle response will feel better and their shifts will feel more crisp and defined, especially on manual transmission cars. The hardest insert available on the market, while still minimizing in-cabin vibration – Black Forest industries feels it has produced the best insert possible. Each kit comes with one insert, two washers and a replacement bolt.

Additionally, Black Forest Industries is releasing their new Mk5 transmission mount to replace the stock lower durometer “swiss cheese” rubber insert. As with their other mounts they are available in Stage 1 or Stage 2 insert. Like previous generations, Stage 1 is 65a and Stage 2 is 85a (stock is 45-50a). The transmission mount insert will reduce engine movement, putting more power to the ground – faster than with a stock mount. All of this is achieved with a minimum of vibration increase – though Stage 2 will increase vibrations compared to stage 1 – proportional to hardness.

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