Black Forest Industries Launches New Website, Products

Black Forest Industries is proud to announce the launch of it’s overhauled and revamped website. The new version is complete with Project Cars, Featured Products, Technical Information, and Events coverage and information. Black Forest Industries has promised the vortex community and their customers more updates, more coverage, and more information to be added to their site throughout the coming months.

As well Black Forest Industries will be launching their latest products at this year’s Waterfest 14. BFI is an Official Sponsor this year with increased vendor space chock full of the goods found on their website. New products of interest include:

MK4 Side Mount Intercooler

At 4.5” thick this monster of an intercooler really helps keep those intake temps down even during those summer heatwaves. Dwarfing the stock unit (shown above) with integrated mounting tabs and fittings it’s a real breeze to install.

MK1 Polyurethane Performance Motor Mounts

BFI offers these exclusive mounts to fit all MK1s. Produced by Black Forest, these full motor mount inserts are not available anywhere else! Offered in two different durometers there’s sure to be a mount to suit your needs. Swing by their booth at Waterfest to see them in person.



Phone: 919 468 5400