Black Forest Industries Mk III and Mk IV New Structural Reinforcement Bars

New this month from Black Forest Industries is our collection of structural reinforcement bars for the MKIII and MKIV. Currently we are offering three options with an expanded range to come in the future.

The first of our new structural reinforcement bars is the MKIV C-Pillar reinforcement bar. It is made from polished aluminum and will bolt into both the MKIV Golf and Jetta.

The bar attaches to the hard points where the rear seatbelts mount and can be installed in just minutes. These bars help to stiffen the chassis and are particularly helpful in Golf applications in eliminating the various squeaks and rattles many are all too familiar with. The MKIV C-Pillar bar retails for $49.00 plus $8.00 fixed shipping. Additional $5.00 to Canada

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In addition to the C-Pillar bar we are now also offering our MKIV Front Lower Tie Bar. This bar is designed very similarly to the tie bars found on the MKI cars and it serves the exact same purpose. This bar ties the control arm mounting points together to once again make the chassis more rigid and prevent flexing under load. It is also constructed of polished aluminum with high quality adjustable heim-joint endlinks. Additional longer hardware is included and installation is very straightforward and simple. This bar will fit all MKIVs and retails for $55.00 shipped in the U.S.

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For the MKIII Golf we are now offering our Rear Shock Tower Brace. This bar bolts directly to the top of the shocks and helps to create a more unified rear end. We have found that this bar also helps eliminate some of the miscellaneous squeaks and rattles that develop over time. A nickel sized piece must be trimmed away from the hatch cover support on each side to install this bar but the hatch cover can still be retained. Installation is very simple and can be done in a few minutes. No additional hardware is required. This bar is also made of polished aluminum. Additionally, our bar will also fit Corrados if the rear speaker trays are removed completely. Retail cost is $40.00 plus $8.00 shipping in the U.S.

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All of these structural reinforcement bars will be on hand at our Dyno Weekend and APR Product Showcase on July 30th and 31st at Carolina Auto Masters in Durham, N.C. More information about our Dyno Weekend can be found

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