Black Forest Industries Releases First MK7 / MQB Torque Arm Insert

The list of affordable, yet effective modifications for the new MK7 / MQB platform just got a bit longer with the introduction of Black Forest Industries’ new torque arm insert. This 3D modeled part is meticulously designed to exactly fill the voids on the stock dogbone / torque arm to limit engine movement and to ultimately put more power to the ground! With the motor staying put, you will also benefit from more precise shifts, no matter if you have a DSG or a manual transmission. These inserts are specific to the latest generation of vehicles and while they may look similar to other inserts out there, they are the only ones available to fit the brand new cars from VW / Audi.

With each torque arm kit, you will receive one polyurethane insert, one stamped stainless steel washer- not mild steel which will deflect. You will also receive a steel insert that is coated for corrosion resistance, as well as a heavy duty upgraded 10.9 replacement bolt to ensure everything holds together for years to come. More information can be found here.