C2 Motorsports OBD1 Forced Induction Software

In an ongoing effort to develop quality software for forced-induction applications, C2Motorsports would like to introduce our long-anticipated OBD I software solutions. Many have come to regard C2 as an innovator in the realm of tuning for forced-induction Volkswagens.

C2’s software team of Jeff Atwood and Jacob Harris were faced with the challenge of deconstructing the OBD code before Jeff could work his tuning magic. After countless hours, Jeff was able to formulate the delicate balance between fuel and timing, all while under the control of BOOST! ! !

– No more tinkering with FMUs

– No more overly high fuel pressures

– No more wondering “how will it run today?”

– The custom fueling of Stand Alone at a fraction of the price

– Reliable, efficient, and most of all “plug ‘n’ play”

Look for C2’s newly released OBD I software to be available in the popular Kinetic Motorsport VR6 Turbo Kit, as well as directly from us, or one of our distributors:






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