ECS Tuning GEOMET Rotors Promise New Standard in Brakes

ECS Tuning proudly introduces a new line of GEOMET coated brake rotors, slotted or drilled-and-slotted to improve braking performance; corrosion protected to keep them looking new.

Premium Quality

GEOMET rotors are made from premium cast iron, machined to exacting tolerances. Compared to lesser offerings from cost-cutting manufacturers, the initial quality of GEOMET coated rotors makes them a unique value.


GEOMET is a special water-based coating containing metal oxides, zinc, and aluminum flakes. The GEOMET solution is sprayed over the entire rotor surface to ensure complete coverage and uniform thickness. Applied as a liquid, the coating is baked on at 600 degrees (F) to form a durable and attractive silver-gray finish that fights rust far better than paints or other conventional treatments. GEOMET resists road salt, solvents, and other corrosives to prevent rust pitting and corrosion damage.

More environmentally friendly than other anti-corrosion treatments containing toxic metals, GEOMET coating contains no nickel, cadmium, barium, or mercury.


ECS GEOMET rotors are slotted or cross drilled-and-slotted for different applications. Enthusiasts involved in racing or other extreme driving conditions have long valued the performance improvement available from slotting and drilling.

Slotting evacuates brake dust, debris and water to clean and cool the swept area, reducing pad glazing for fast, reliable braking.

For added performance, a cross drilled-and-slotted rotor is ideal when sustained hard braking demands rapid heat removal. Cross drilling improves venting, and the added step of chamfering helps prevent heat stress risers and cracking that generate vibration and reduce braking efficiency.


To prove the effectiveness of GEOMET coating, ECS Tuning subjected three brake rotors to a demanding corrosion test. A standard cast iron rotor, a zinc coated rotor, and a ECS GEOMET rotor were continuously drenched in salt water for three straight days.

At the end of the test, the untreated rotor was covered with heavy rust scale. The zinc coated rotor showed measurable rust accumulation. Only the GEOMET, covered with a heavy crust of salt, was able to withstand the corrosive environment, emerging from the test with no appreciable rust. The test is documented in a video on the ECS Tuning website at:


The new ECS GEOMET rotor line is an example of the ongoing commitment at ECS Tuning to build upon their position as the preeminent source of new and innovative parts and accessories for the European car market.

ECS GEOMET rotors are available for most VW/Audi, BMW, and MINI vehicles.

Specializing in both OEM and aftermarket replacement parts and accessories, ECS Tuning combines a unique blend of quality product offerings with an unflagging commitment to customer service.


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