einszett Introduces New and Improved Glanz Wax

ORANGE, Calif. – After 70 years as a leading German producer of vehicle care products in Europe, einszett has landed on U.S. soil ready to break into the car care industry with a vast product line that includes unique products not found in the United States. And with wintry weather right around the corner, einszett is introducing its latest formulation of its most popular product, Glanz Wax.

For over 50 years, Glanz Wax has been the go-to car wax for European enthusiasts and, since its introduction a few years ago, North American automotive enthusiasts. Durable to last for months, it withstands aggressive washing at carwashes and, for cold regions, is road salt resistant.

At the end of December einszett introduces a new and improved Glanz Wax formula. While still offering the same durable synthetic protection the current formula is known for, the new formula will provide a deeper, more natural finish due to the addition of special polymers and added natural premium carnauba wax. It will be the best of both worlds: long-lasting durability of a pure synthetic with the finish of a carnauba wax.

If ease of application is a top priority for you, rest assured that the new formula will be just as easy, if not easier, to apply as the current formula. For those of you who live in colder regions of the country, Glanz Wax can be applied in temperatures as low as 0°F.

einszett North America is the sole importer of einszett Autopflegesysteme in the United States and Canada. einszett produces vehicle care products for the enthusiast, professional, and carwash industry and is a sole supplier for leading European automotive manufacturers. einszett was established in Köln, Germany in 1936 and remains family owned and operated by the Sauer family. einszett is a sole supplier for DaimlerChrysler AG supplying an exclusive line to Mercedes dealerships under the new einszett “DC” line, which is tailored specifically for Mercedes Benz vehicles.

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