Essen Motor Show: Abt Golf VS4

It is the best-selling car in and from Germany: purely statistically, each day during the last 29 years, some 2,100 people all over the world decided to buy a VW Golf. Therefore, for the designers and the engineers of Abt Sportsline, the bestseller from Wolfsburg has been one of the most popular tuning object since the time of its arrival in 1974. After three decades of experience, they have created a new highlight with the Abt Golf VS4. Long before the car made its commercial debut, Abt Sportsline already presented its portfolio for the new generation at the IAA, ranging from performance boost to a complete bodywork programme.

At the end of May 1974, the first VW Golf arrived in the showroom of Abt Sportsline. Since that time, the technicians and designers have developed over 1,000 ideas for the sales hit. “Admittedly, the Golf has been with us for many years, but with the new model, Volkswagen and Abt Sportsline surely have achieved the biggest evolution step”, says managing director Hans-Jürgen Abt. In the early days, the programme was limited to an extensive engine conversion and some add-on parts for the bodywork, but for the latest generation of the VW Golf, the world’s leading tuning company for cars from the Volkswagen Group makes every wish come true.

For instance the wish for more power: after new detailed programming of the engine management, the four-cylinder turbo diesel engine with a capacity of two litres now has an output of 125 kW instead of the regular performance of 102 kW (170 instead of 140 hp). This upgrade has been achieved by a modification that requires enormous know-how of development, while only bringing advantages for the customer: chip-tuning. By modifying the data, the Abt Golf VS4 not only gets more power (0-100 in 8,6 sec and a V-max of 208 km/h), but also higher torque and a more sporty throttle response.

The silhouette of the VW Golf, that already is muscular by itself, is being emphasized in a discreet, yet effective way by bodywork add-on parts from Kempten. The Abt front grille and the front spoiler extension underline the sporty front section and seen from the rear-view mirror, they already testify their provenance from Kempten by the silver-coloured Abt-logo that also adjourns the race cars of Laurent Aiello and Christian Abt in the DTM. The same goes for the Abt side skirts as well as the rear wing and the rear skirt. The distinguished rear part with the individual note by Abt Sportsline is rounded off by an exhaust silencer with four pipes, each with a diameter of 76 millimetres.

Abt Sportsline is not only taking care of the performance and the looks: with a height-adjustable spring suspension, the Abt Golf VS4 has a safe and sporty road holding in any circumstances. The excellent Abt sports wheels SP1 with a size of 8.5 x 19 inch provide optimal contact to the asphalt. The five-spoke wheels with their wheel rim bed, inclining to the inside, have been fitted with 235/35 R19 ContiSportContact tyres. For safety and perfect handling – also in critical situations – an Abt sports brake system including steel flex brake lines is being developed.

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