Euro Sport Announces Mk V GTI, Jetta and Audi A3 2.0T Combo Sale

For limited time only. Enhance the power of your Mk V GTI, Jetta and Audi A3 2.0T with our Turbo Back Exhaust System and Cool Flo Race Intake* Combo Special. This Euro Sport combo consists of a 3in stainless steel downpipe connecting to a full stainless 2.5in cat back exhaust system providing improved top end power with a sporty track tone. For more savings upgrade with a Euro Sport Cool-Flo Race Intake. This provides better throttle response and increased performance through-out the bottom and top end. You can start changing your vehicles performance with these simple cost effective accessories. With this very affordable package deal, you can end your search and Get Equipped with Euro Sport!

View our to order this exclusive combo sale offer.

*Fits FSI Models only