Eurojet Racing Announces Tubular Manifold Line

Eurojet Racing has begun releasing its Tubular Manifold line-up for Volkswagens. Current applications include the 1.8T, 2.0T and the 2.5L platforms.

Eurojet had received numerous requests to release its manifolds as individual items, and now they’ve decided to do just that.

Intro pricing for the 2.0T is $899, $849 for the 1.8T, and $999 for the 2.5L.

On Eurojet set-ups with tubular manifolds, they’ve been seeing a solid 8-12% increase over a cast log style manifold. This is achieved by eliminating copious amounts of backpressure seen on higher horsepowered motors with smaller cast manifolds. Eurojet Racing has been able to push the 1.8Ts further with these manifolds by alleviating excessive backpressure and they’re bringing that same technology and design into the 2.0Ts and 2.5Ls.

Eurojet Racing manifolds are perfect for the DIY enthusiast. The company will also be releasing supporting hardware shortly. Keep your eyes out in the coming days for a few of the highest-HP VWs running the Eurojet Manifolds and kits.

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