European Car’s Uber Golf Challenge

European Car Magazine is looking for a few Über Golfs. Ideal cars would have highly developed engines and suspensions, uprated brakes, handsome bodies and well appointed cabins. We would like to see representations from each Mark including the new R32. On Tuesday, June 1st of 2004 we will be testing on the Streets of Willow Springs in Rosemond, Calif and at LACR. On June 2nd we will fasten each car to the GIAC dynamometer and make em dance.

Rules are simple: the car must be registered for the street and must use a DOT tire. Toyo has been chosen as the spec rubber and each car entered will be fitted with Toyo tires. Fuel is open provided it is unleaded. Anything else goes. There is no entry fee.

Pro driver Kevin Schrantz will be on hand to drive your ride or you can pilot it yourself. Given Kevin’s impressive experience however, you’ll be hard pressed to do better. We will be using the V-Box, a GPS-based telemetry system to plot each car’s performance throughout the testing. I think this should give us a good idea of where each car excels. While no one can deny the awesome power of a tuned R32, a lightened first gen Golf may do even better. Let’s find out.

If you think you car has what it takes, drop an e-mail to: Include the car’s specifications and if possible, a picture. Also tell us why we should include your car.

Stay Tuned

Les Bidrawn

european car magazine

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