EuroSport Accessories VW MK2/MK3, Corrado 90-94

As you know, the front subframe which holds the front motor mount on A1 and A2 VW chassis is made out of rubber, a weak material that deflects under hard use.

247-parts developed a hard bushing made out of black Delrin material which supports the front subframe in a rigid position with a minimal amount of flex. The upside is under drag racing and hard acceleration, the subframe does not move. The downside is that it will transmit some additional noise. These bushings can be used for street and race applications, and with minimal amount of care should last the life of the vehicle.

Specifications for bushings:

Fully CAD drawn, CNC machined, and true-bored to the proper subframe mounting bracket size.

Note- these are centerless drilled, so it is a perfect fit.

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