FK North America: Exclusive Golf V Program Sneak Peek

The Essen Motor Show in Germany might be a week away, but FK sent us some preview photos of their Golf V enhancements that will debut at the show along with the following “announcement” to share exclusively with our readers. Remember the photos are a work in progress, but we think you’ll agree that the Golf V has some good potential in the right hands… however we claim no responsibility for the name of the car. Yikes…

FK Press Release-

German Immigrant – Born October 18,2003, in Golfsburg, Germany, a bit overweight, optically challenged, light smoker (2.0 Tdi 136 HP), long legged (6spd), originally adopted by proud parents at FK-Automotive, in Backnang, Germany, but currently going through extreme makeover (FK 18inch wheels, FK Silverline Stainless coilovers, full 5 piece body kit) to be able to be accepted by FK-North America.

Please help “Pootzie” Immigrate to North America, “Pootzie” would like to tour North America starting early 2004, and maybe spend some time with you, please write with your support to and help “Pootzie’s” dream (not to mention FK-North America’s) come true.

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