Forge Motorsport Announces “The Splitter”

The Splitter is a truly remarkable valve that gives a combination of blow-off and recirculation valve operation all at the same time and has been specifically designed for the many VAG 1.8T applications. This means you get all the noise of the blow off valve whilst retaining the compatibility with the recirculation requirements of the engine management system. As a bonus we also offer the ability to convert the valve to recirculation only mode for those times when stealth running is required.

This valve uses a Copper and Zinc alloy piston which utilizes new sealing technology along with a variable spring pre-load incorporating a ratchet-type top adjuster that will allow for the positive and precise adjustment to match the valve to your engine. This is achieved by using a unique single, conical, progressive-rate spring that can allow for the retention of boost pressure over a wide adjustment range. This unique spring design also allows for unrestricted piston travel and flow volume regardless of the amount of pre-load adjustment added to the spring. Other manufacturers valves using cylindrical springs with adjustable pre-load often experience restricted piston travel and a reduction in flow volume.

When we say our products are Engineered For Performance it’s not a catchy sales phrase, it’s the

truth and we prove it with every product we manufacture.

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