GMP: RH’s New RAN And RAT Wheels

The RAN and RAT wheel is the newest in RH’s lineup embodying the latest in structural design philosophy. RH is introducing a whole line of “barrel” wheels. These wheels all start with an “R” prefix, the first letter in “Roehren”, which means “tube” in German. The two-piece construction competitively prices this wheel in the market.

Utilizing the multi-fit philosophy, the wheel can be adapted to a variety of cars. Beginning offsets are high and the final offset is created using an innovative hub-centric pad/plate adapter ranging in sizes 20mm, 25mm and 30mm.

Arriving now are the RAN and RAT. The RAL for Porsche is already in the states and the VW and Audi enthusiasts are sure to start adapting them immediately. The RAU is a stunning wheel arriving late this summer. Click on the link to view each of the styles sizes and offsets.

Dealer inquiries please contact Brenner, the new distributor for RH Wheels USA at 1.800.455.2755.





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Golf IV

Porsche 993

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