Golf V LED Taillight by Hella at the Essen Motor Show 2005

Lippstadt, GERMANY. At this year’s Essen Motor Show from November 25 to December 4, Hella will be exhibiting LED Upgrade combination rearlights in two different colour variants. In Hall 1.0, Booth 303, Hella will also be presenting new Upgrade combination rearlights for the VW Golf Plus, VW Passat, Seat Leon II and Opel Astra H. Further highlights include the new vehicle-specific daytime running lights with clear-glass design for the Opel Astra H and the VW Golf IV. With the new Luminator Compact Blue, Luminator Compact Xenon and Rallye 3000 Blue compact auxiliary lights, Hella also offers drivers of off-road vehicles value for money.

With the LED Upgrade lights, Hella has developed a special technical and optical highlight for the rear of the Golf V. Here, for the first time, the taillight, stoplight and indicator functions have been realized using light-emitting diodes (LED). The new LED Upgrade combination rearlight is available in the colour variants silver-red and silver-black. The LED technology for the lights is already in successful use for the VW Golf Plus series combination rearlights. The darkened combination rearlight is a further upgrade alternative for the rear of the Golf V. It is based on proven bulb technology and gives all Golf V models a sporty, dynamic rear-end look.

Retrofit combination rearlights in LED technology with an individually-coloured design are available from the lighting specialist Hella for the current VW Passat B6 saloon and VW Golf Plus models. Here, light-emitting diodes are used as the light sources, which can emit both red and amber light. In the case of the Golf Plus light, the design around the LEDs is blue, and in the case of the second variant it is coloured ice grey. The LED Upgrade combination rearlights for the current Passat are accordingly coloured black-red, allowing these vehicles to be given an unmistakable design.

For the Opel Astra H and the VW Golf IV, Hella has developed new, retrofit vehicle-specific daytime running lights with a clear cover lens. All in all, alongside the universal clear-glass daytime running lights, the lighting specialist Hella offers vehicle-specific variants for the VW Golf III, VW Golf IV, VW Golf V, as well as the Opel Astra H. The daytime running lights from Hella combine modern lighting technology and elegant design, and offer a decisive plus in terms of safety. Thanks to the clear-glass look, they fit in perfectly with the vehicle front-end and integrate harmoniously into the overall appearance. The clear-glass lights are specially designed for increased perception of the vehicle in daylight, and are noticed better by other road users than low beam. Due to the low power consumption of 16 watts per light, an increase in fuel consumption is scarcely measurable.

Compact design, powerful light output – in Essen, Hella will be exhibiting further variants of its Compact series: the Luminator Compact Blue and the Rallye 3000 Blue with a blue cover lens, as well as a xenon variant of the Luminator Compact. Both series have a high-boost reflector and a real-glass cover lens. The new Compact auxiliary lights therefore give the front-ends of off-road vehicles and pickups a high-quality, customized appearance.

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