Hat-Trick at Rally Tennessee for Quantum Rally Sport

Coming off a strong season start by winning on both the grueling sand stages of SandBlast Rally and the tricky mixed surface stages at Rally New York USA, the Wimpey brothers turned up the heat once again on the sweltering tarmac stages of Rally Tennessee to claim their third consecutive victory in 2007. Rally Tennessee (www.rallytennessee.com) is the third points-earning round in the 2007 United States Rally Championship (USRC).

Photo coutesy of Ryan Sweeny

The abrasive tarmac stages of Rally Tennessee combine the need for expert road-reading skills and perfect note-calling due to the hundreds of blind crests and deceptive tree-lines along the route. Heavy thunderstorms in the days immediately prior to the event helped to clean dirt and debris from the heavily used logging roads around Linden, Tennessee. However, despite the clean tarmac, the stages proved unforgiving from the beginning by claiming two vehicles on stage 1.

The Wimpeys came out of the gate strong by winning the first three stages of the day. A brief off-road excursion on stage 4 cost the team nearly 30 seconds after damaging the car’s right front suspension and flatting the right front tire. Luckily, Jeff and Steve of Delta-V Motorsports were on hand at service to swiftly replace the bent pieces with shiny new ones. “We couldn’t have fixed it without these guys,” said driver Josh Wimpey, “We only had 30 minutes to fix everything and I had banged up the car pretty good. We came out of a left hand corner doing 85mph when I should have been doing about 60mph and just overcooked it, struck the chicane, the ditch, then the woods, and another ditch.”

The “off” didn’t seem to affect the team’s pace at all as Josh and Jeremy went on to win the final eight stages of the day and continued to mix it up with the faster 4wd machines, setting a string of top 5 overall stage times along the way. Late in the day, temperatures reaching nearly 90 degrees started to take their toll on the competitors, most of whom were not ready for such heat so early in the season. None of the 2wd drive teams and most of the 4wd teams could keep pace with the brothers of Quantum Rally Sport who finished 1st in 2wd in their VW GTi and an astounding 4th overall.

Photo coutesy of Ryan Sweeny

Quantum Rally Sport is looking forward to the upcoming Rally West Virginia which promises to showcase the best 2wd talent in North America on its narrow and twisty gravel roads near Elkins, WV. Rally West Virginia has been chosen as the second round of the MaxAttack!™ Triple-Crown Rally Series (www.max-attack.com) where the Wimpeys are considered the “team to beat” and are favored to win. The MaxAttack!™ Triple-Crown Rally Series is administered by The Rally Sports Group of America (RSGA) whose mission is to promote intense 2wd competition and to “promote greater value for rally sponsors, teams and events, helping to grow the sport both directly and through new business development.”

Once again servicing for the Wimpey team was Delta-V Motorsports (www.deltavmotorsports.com) whose outstanding prep work and deft servicing crew kept the car winning throughout the day. Quantum Rally Sport is proud to continue a partnership with Delta-V Motorsports and is excited to partner with NGP Racing of Aberdeen, MD with a new shop now open in Springfield, VA (www.ngpracing.com), Victory By Design Graphics www.VBDgraphics.com , and L and E Fabrication (www.LandEFab.com).

Photo coutesy of Ryan Sweeny