HPA/Motor Trend Need Your Vote!

Editor’s Note: We bring you this press release with the hopes our readers will take a moment to consider that the contest being spotlighted here revolves around raising money for Charity Cars, Inc. What is Charity Cars?

“Charity Cars, Inc. is the first and only national charity that provides refurbished donated vehicles to struggling families.

Established in 1996, Charity Cars is the first of its kind in the nation, providing a vehicle that has been refurbished and redone to ensure safety and reliability, a license plate, the down payment for insurance, an emergency roadside assistance membership, a service warranty and case management services to families wiling to work.

Is there anything they don’t do? This amazing organization is made up of dedicated and caring people who in effect, change the lives of deserving families in our communities.”

We sincerely hope our readers will take the time to vote. We’d like to think you’ll show some community spirit and support HPA and Motor Trend and their efforts to prove that the the VW nameplate can take on the best of the best, whether it be on an automotive or community level, but what really counts in the end is that you simply just vote.

Primedia Publishing is winding down their $25,000 Editor’s Charity Challenge sponsored by Ebay Motors, where 10 Primedia automotive and motorcycle magazines, including Motor Trend and HotRod, were given $25k to build the baddest, best performing ride they could.

The finished vehicles were tested against each other in 1/4-mile, 0-60, braking and slalom categories. The Motor Trend/HPA R28, driven by Motor Trend editor John Kiewicz, though shredding the rear differential on the first pull, performed great laying down a 4.2-second 0-60 and coming through the lights at 12.48 @ 115mph in the 1/4-mile.

Now the time has come to test the community to see what car gets the most votes. No, this isn’t a Diddy-endorsed Vote or Die regiment, but a call to stand up for a little Golf named David that’s up against some rather imposing Goliaths.

Please visit the Charity Challenges homepage and surf through the build of the Motor Trend/HPA R28, as well as other magazine’s vehicles and make the vote before the polls close on November 30th.

Charity Challenge Homepage: http://www.editorscharitychallenge.com/

Vote for the R28 here: http://www.editorscharitychallenge.com/votenow/