HS Tuning RSR Clutch Kit

HS Tuning is excited to announce the release of our RSR (Road/Sport/Race) Clutch Kit for the MKV and MKVI FSI, TSI, and Golf R vehicles. Months of research and development have culminated in a clutch solution that offers unmatched torque holding without a compromise in drivability or reliability. Many hours of real world testing in a wide range of vehicles, from stock GTI daily drivers up to track driven big turbo Golf R cars, has resulted in a product that is second to none.


A long time bane of 2.0T owner’s has been the factory clutch that would slip with even a software flash. An alarmingly high failure rate has deterred many VW owners from enjoying their cars to the fullest extent. The common solution has been to replace the clutch, pressure plate and flywheel with full race components. Although effective at preventing clutch slip, the noise, vibration, and pedal effort have been deemed unacceptable by many enthusiasts who use their cars daily for business, pleasure or commuting.

HS Tuning’s RSR Clutch Kit offers performance without compromise. Proven to hold strong under the most demanding of conditions, yet with stock levels of noise and vibration, and no noticeable increase in pedal effort. By utilizing a self adjusting design, our RSR Clutch Kit ensures a strong clamping force in all applications, while maintaining a consistent pedal engagement height. In addition, the laggy feeling clutch engagement, commonly blamed on the clutch hydraulic system, is completely eliminated, resulting in a fast and positive clutch engagement with no delay.

We are thrilled to be able to bring our RSR Clutch Kit to the market, a solution that does not compromise driver comfort or performance. For more information, contact HS Tuning.