Induktion Motorsports Announces Release of 2.0T TSI I-Flow Intake

Designed with a purpose to make a better fitting, power making intake. The Induktion I-Flow TSI intake picks up where the competition leaves off. Too many intake systems on the market are ill fitting and leave intake tubes and heatshields flopping around the engine bay. Say NO to floppy pipe! The I-Flow fits snug and secure under the hood thanks to a laser cut, adjustable bracket and heatshield that seals tight to the hood ensuring only fresh cold air is used to make power! The I-Flow makes power and torque from 3600 RPM to redline with peak gains of 11 HP and 10 FT / Lbs of torque to the WHEELS! Check out the dyno graph.

Each I-Flow intake comes complete with a wrinkle black powdercoated heatshield and your choice of black, red or chrome powdercoated intake tube. As well, the I-Flow uses the highest quality AEM Dry Filter for optimal performance and longevity. No more fouled Mass Air Flow sensors from improperly oiled filters!

Introductory Pricing is set at $199

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The I-Flow is currently offered for most TSI applications ( CCTA and CBFA motors ): MK6 TSI, MK5 TSI, CC, Passat and EOS

Stage 2 I-Flow options coming soon!

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