Koni: New Contract with Red Bull Racing Formula One

It has been a very stressful time for all personnel at Milton Keynes. Could they continue their activities for Jaguar Racing into a new ownership and still compete in the 2005 Formula 1 season, or not.

The same was applicable to Koni. After having been granted with Jaguar’s statement that Koni’s input and support in 2004 was very satisfactory, it was unsure whether this relationship could be continued.

Both questions have in the meantime been answered positively:

Koni will again be the official supplier for 2005 for the new owner, the Red Bull Racing Formula One Team.

The Official Supplier Agreement not only consists of supplying all the dampers, but also giving technical support where and when ever necessary. In exchange, KONI are entitled to use this partnership for various commercial activities and benefit from the technical input to further raise the level of their after market products.

In the 47 years KONI are now present in Formula 1, they have been part of the suspension of just about all the teams. After a very successful year last year, with B.A.R ending second in the Constructor’s Championship using Koni race dampers, we are again looking forward to a successful racing season with Red Bull Racing.