Light up the Night with Great Deals from PG Performance!

As winter approaches, the days are getting shorter and many people start to look for better lighting for their car. Well, look no further, as PG Performance (Canadian Distributor for Hella Lighting) is offering 20% off all Headlights, Fog or Driving Lights, and Light Bulbs until October 30th, 2004.

Why upgrade to European Headlights?

European spec headlights offer not only a styling upgrade, but most importantly, improved light output. The lens and/or reflector are designed to produce a much more focussed beam pattern that throws the light further, lights up the shoulder of the road, and has a distinct cut-off to prevent blinding of on-coming traffic. European headlights are available for all Volkswagen models (from Rabbit to Touareg).

Why upgrade your light bulbs?

If you’re looking for an inexpensive upgrade, or have already upgraded to European spec headlights and want to tweak them just a little bit more, changing your light bulbs is a simple way to go.

A few of our more popular bulbs are the Philips Vision Plus / GT150 / Hella Plus 50 (these halogen bulbs contain Xenon gas which produces a brighter, whiter light that shines up to 20 meters/65 feet further) and the Osram All Season Super (these are excellent bulbs for winter weather, with an iridescent coating to produce a yellow-ish light that effectively cuts through rain and fog, and a small amount of Xenon gas to slightly brighten the light output).

Not sure what bulbs you need?

Check out this handy reference guide.

Want to Experiment?

Have some fun at the Hella website where you can build your dream car at the Hella E-Motion Factory or test your your night driving skills with Hella’s Light Driver game.