Milltek Introduces Golf GTi Mk7 Performance Exhaust

British-based exhaust manufacturer Milltek has released their exhaust system for the seventh-generation Golf GTI.  Milltek claims gains of 20hp and 10Nm (7.3ft-lbs) of torque from bolting on the system before software.  The Milltek system is a full turbo-back system constructed from 3″ stainless steel tubing, and is available with or without a center resonator.

Read the full Press Release below.

Seemingly on a bit of a run with Wolfsburg’s finest at the moment, British-based exhaust manufacturer Milltek has created yet another wonderful system for yet another hot VW. This time, it’s all about the freshly minted Mk7 GTi.

This smart new system draws heavily from the firm’s enviable knowledge of the car’s previous incarnations – not to mention the fact that Milltek runs a mutant Golf Mk6 in the UK Time Attack Championship, as well as providing exhaust solutions for Tom Onslow-Cole’s BTCC Passat CC. Safe to say then that Milltek knows how to get the best out of any VW engine – even at the very highest level of endeavour.

Built from the same high quality non-magnetic stainless steel as the race car systems, by the very same craftsmen, and in the exact same Derbyshire factory, these new parts may be podium-ready, but they have been designed to walk the fine line between power and refinement. Two cat-back versions will be available upon launch, with one offering a resonated centre section and ECE approval, and the other being aimed at those looking for a slightly more purposeful soundtrack, thanks to its non-resonated centre section. Both systems flow equally and are based around a carefully optimised 3” (76mm) section tube for maximum power and torque gains with a refined throttle response throughout the rev range.

Tests on Milltek’s own Mk7 GTi fitted with the full turbo-back exhaust system showed exceptional and consistent gains across the whole rev range and a peak power gain of 20hp and 10Nm of torque (view the full dyno graph)…that’s without an ECU remap!! See what it’ll do with performance software.

Tailpipe trim options reflect the every ‘grown-up’ design ethos of the rest of the system. The smart GT100 trim looks menacing, without being ostentatious. Polished, Gloss Black and Titanium finish options mean owners can match or contrast their car’s colour scheme to perfection.