MS Design Golf V

The choice determines the market. But what happens, if a single recognizes the signs of the time? If he adds 1 to 1 and is able to excite with innovations? He combines it to a dynamic duality of complex opposites. You have seen the new Golf, but now you want to own it. The Golf V by MS Design will come onto the market in two versions. The design makes the difference. Exclusive or enthusiastic design, with the Golf V MS Design leaves everyone trailing. MS Design first starts with the exclusive version of the Golf V. Part 1 of the dynamic duality of MS Design. The sporty-exclusive styled spoilers (front, sides, rear) make the Golf V appear more fresh and individual. The new developed light screens look sporty and aggressive. Through perfect fitting design – which continues the lines in every detail – the next Golf generation appears inspiring and full of strength. The stylish roof spoiler gives the overall view the last touch. By lowering the car 20 mm the Golf reaches a better standard of security and guarantees pure driving pleasure. With the alloy wheels MS16ZT and MS15ZT in 18 inch MS Design offers the perfect choice for a perfect driving dynamic. Now, through the design of MS Design, nobody can beat the Golf V in the compact class, but everything has its opposites. The new Golf by MS Design. Dynamic duality.

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