New Dimensions Makes a Comeback as the Nation’s Premier Source for European Performance

SACRAMENTO, CA – New Dimensions, once the West Coast’s premier source for European performance parts and accessories, is making a nationwide comeback under new ownership.

Alex Ting, who owned the first of his 21 Watercooled Volkswagens at age 18, has resurrected the proud New Dimensions name in his hometown of Sacramento, California.

Alex, whose passion for European vehicles and the latest performance modifications is reflected in the veritable fleet of Sciroccos, BMW models and various other Volkswagen vehicles he has owned, intends to cater to his peers as the owner of New Dimensions.

“I’ve spent many years searching for, purchasing, developing, and installing modifications for my vehicles, so I know from experience what the European performance parts enthusiast appreciates,” said Alex.

Not only does New Dimensions intend to build on their tradition of technical knowledge and superior customer service, but they also is working to develop and market new and exciting performance parts.

“New Dimensions is already on the cutting edge of performance and offers a wide range of the most respected brands today,” said Alex, “But I’m always on the lookout for the singular and distinctive new product.”

New Dimensions is currently based exclusively online, and plans to leverage their Web presence to help foster a sense of community among Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, and Mini Cooper owners and enthusiasts. This includes resurrecting the West Coast Volkswagen show scene and creating synergistic relationships with distinctive service organizations and suppliers.

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