New German Performance: NGP Plugwires

Old, brittle, OEM wires can cause misfiring and weak spark – hindering your engine’s performance. Our new NGP wire sets have been engineered to produce the maximum amount of spark without any electronic interferance to sound systems or engine management controllers. These wires are produced using 250 ohm per foot, 19 strand solid core centers, double layered with 100% pure silicone. They are then topped off with OEM Beru connectors for a perfect fit every time. All NGP wire sets are sold with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, so you can buy with confidence.

Wire colors available and in stock include Blue, Red and Black. Custom colors and lengths are always available upon request, including complete wire sets for stand alone engine management systems.

Ngp wire sets start at $65, and can be purchased on line @ WWW.NGPRACING.COM.