NewSouth Performance Announces ColumnPod and NoBuzz T-Fitting for Volkswagen Mk5

NewSouth Performance, LLC has extended it’s ColumnPod™ line to include a steering column-mounted gauge pod for 2006+ (in US) Mk5 Volkswagen GTIs, GLIs, Jettas and Golfs.

Mounting on top of the steering column, the Mk5 ColumnPod™ is designed to hold a 2” or 2 1/16” (52mm) gauge. The unique design offsets the gauge to the left for maximum visibility of the dash instrumentation and electronic information center.

The Mk5 ColumnPod™ looks like an OEM installation. It holds the gauge at an angle that minimizes distractions and helps keep the drivers’ eyes on the road. With a molded channel in the back of the pod, it hides all wires and tubes from view.

The Mk5 NoBuzz™ T-fitting, eliminates the vibration and noise of mechanical boost gauges when installed on automobiles with turbocharged engines. A gauge vibration can occur because the air from a turbocharger comes out in high frequency air pulses that can cause the gauge to rattle or “buzz.” This noise can be eliminated by splicing a restrictor into the boost gauge feed line.

The NoBuzz T-fitting has a restrictor orifice, designed to gauge manufacturers’ specifications, integrated into its feed arm. This design simplifies installation, gives a clean look, eliminates multiple points of failure with using an add-on restrictor, and retains boost gauge response time as compared to other solutions such as add-on in-line fuel filters.

The Mk5 ColumnPod™ and Mk5 NoBuzz™ T-Fitting can be ordered separately, in a TurboPod™ kit that includes a ColumnPod™, VDO Vision boost gauge, red or blue LED, tubing, connectors, NoBuzz™ fitting, and wiring.

The Mk5 ColumnPod™ and Mk5 NoBuzz™ T-Fitting are available immediately from an international network of distributors.

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