NewSouth Performance Announces Dual ColumnPod for Volkswagen Mk4

Chapel Hill, NC, May 9, 2005 NewSouth Performance, LLC has extended its ColumnPodTM line to include a dual steering column mounted gauge pod for 1999.5+ Mk4 Volkswagen Golfs, Jettas,GLIs, or GTIs.

Mounting on top of the steering column, the Mk4 Offset ColumnPodTM is designed to hold two 2” or 2 1/16” (52mm) gauges. Molded from ABS matched in color and gloss with the steering column the Mk4 Dual ColumnPodTM looks like an OEM installation. It holds the gauges at an angle that minimizes distractions and helps keep the drivers’ eyes on the road. With its molded channel in the back of

the pod, it hides all wires and tubes from view.

The Mk4 Dual ColumnPodTM can be ordered separately, with 1 gauge or 2 gauges in a TurboPodTM or a DieselPodTM kit that includes the dual ColumnPodTM, VDO Vision boost gauge, red or blue LED, tubing, connectors, NoBuzzTM fitting, and wiring and either a pyrometer, oil pressure gauge or oil temperature gauge.

The Mk4 Offset ColumnPodTM is available immediately from an international network of distributors.

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