Non-Stop Entertainment With Pioneer’s In-Car Navigation System

LAS VEGAS – SEMA Booth #20028 & Proving Ground (November 4, 2003) – Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., the established leader in mobile entertainment products, today launched the industry’s first audio/video/navigation system that merges entertainment, information and vehicle dynamics technologies into one product. The revolutionary AVIC-N1 offers simple touch panel or voice command letting consumers simultaneously access Memory Navigation information (route guidance, electronic mapping, points of interests, etc.), entertainment (audio entertainment for front seat passengers, DVD-video entertainment for rear seat passengers) and vehicle dynamics (speed, acceleration, lateral G-Force, angular velocity, slope, angle, etc.).

For the first time consumers can obtain route guidance information, listen to AM/FM/XM satellite radio, play DVD movies for rear passengers and monitor the performance of the vehicle, all at the same time. Users can quickly switch views between different sources available – navigation, vehicle dynamics and DVD video. Pioneer’s AVIC-N1 is the most advanced in-car navigation system in the market.

“Consumer acceptance of navigation has grown dramatically – 63 percent year to date . We’re responding to consumer demand by adding and combining unique features that are most important to drivers today,” said Michael Townsen, vice president of marketing for mobile entertainment at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “The AVIC-N1 bridges technologies and features never seen before in a single product.”

The AVIC-N1 is designed for ease of use, driver safety and convenience, featuring an innovative touch panel control that combines multiple user screens with voice command. “It allows consumers to replace three of the most popular mobile entertainment products with a single device providing the latest technologies and features available today in navigation, audio/video and vehicle dynamics,” said Townsen.

The Navigation System

In-car navigation does more than just show consumers where they are on a map. It offers step-by-step instructions to get from point A to point B, with a choice of multiple different routes and the ability to locate stores, restaurants and gas stations along the way. All of this is done through simple one-touch menus on-screen or through voice activation (microphone sold separately) to make the AVIC-N1 easy and safe to use.

The AVIC-N1 provides accurate detailed route guidance for the entire United States and Canada. Once a consumer selects a destination, the AVIC-N1’s extremely fast processor calculates a route in approximately 10 seconds and provides directions via voice prompts. A separate positioning CPU is used for accurate vehicle positioning on detailed mapping that displays the route on a 6.5-inch LCD touch screen monitor. By using separate CPUs for these two functions, Pioneer’s navigation system is faster and more accurate than other systems.

The 6.5-inch LCD monitor can be folded away while the driver follows voice prompts to his or her final destination, or it can be used to display detailed maps. The touch screen monitor has extremely fast response rates and a wide viewing angle.

The driver can choose from seven enhanced modes that can be displayed on the screen, including:

– Standard map view mode

– Driver’s view mode (3-D view of map)

– Guide view mode (split screen between map and guide arrow)

– Route view mode (split screen between map and list of upcoming streets)

– A/V status mode (split screen between map and standard radio/CD display)

– Rear view split screen (split screen between rear camera view and overhead map)

– Vehicle dynamics mode (performance gauges)

The system also includes a camera input so owners of large vehicles can view an image from a rear camera on the screen. This feature allows owners of SUVs and RVs to see a boat or vehicle they may be towing for added safety.

The system uses a massive 12-million points of interest (POI) database with more than 248 different categories so consumers can search for the nearest gas station, ATM or restaurant. As users are guided along their route, points of interest are overlaid onto the map, which is particularly helpful when driving in unfamiliar areas. Easy-to-recognize icons are used to identify hotels, restaurants, banks and even specific chain store locations such as KFC® or Starbucks®.

The Vehicle Dynamics Monitor

With the growing trend among the youth “Tuner” market to modify their vehicles with upgraded tires, wheels, suspension and other aftermarket equipment, the vehicle dynamics is expected to be a popular feature, offering an easy, fun and accurate method to assess a car’s performance with stock equipment versus aftermarket parts.

The rich navigation features enable the system to monitor key performance attributes and provide users with vehicle dynamics in real time. Analog and digital gauges are available on the 6.5-inch LCD monitor to track performance measures.

Measurements include simple features such as voltage, compass and clock as well as dynamic features such as:

• Acceleration to measure forward and backward G-Force

• Lateral G-Force to measure maximum cornering force

• Angular velocity to measure turn rate

• Slope to measure the incline

The Acceleration and Lateral G-Force gauges can perform peak holds so users are able to see and track their vehicle’s performance. Performance minded automobile enthusiasts will enjoy the ability to assess vehicle dynamics and compare results to what is often reported in the latest automobile magazines.

The Audio Video Entertainment System

Memory Navigation is an industry-first mapping technology that allows consumers to access all the features of both the navigation and A/V system simultaneously rather than facing an either-or choice. The state-of-the art audio/video entertainment system provides full dual zone capabilities, as well as DVD video playback, single CD, MP3 CDs and AM/FM/XM satellite radio all with maximum power and sound performance.

“Pioneer’s AVIC-N1 provides maximum flexibility and performance across all aspects of mobile entertainment for any driver. For example, a family driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco can have their entire route mapped in the memory of the navigation system and still entertain rear seat passengers with DVD movies for the length of the trip,” said Townsen.

Much like its top-line headunit counterparts, the AVIC-N1 is a high quality audio system with MOSFET50 (50 watts X 4 amplifier), three pre-amp outputs and three band parametric equalizer. The system can be expanded with other sources such as XM satellite radio, CD changer, DVD changer and TV tuner. All sources are direct access using its touch screen display.

The single-DIN Pioneer AVIC-N1 headunit will be available in March 2004.

Pioneer’s Mobile Entertainment Division is the leading manufacturer of audio, video and information products for in-car use. Its focus is on the development of new digital technologies including audio video, navigation and satellite radio, while maintaining its strong heritage in products for car audio enthusiasts and competitors. The company markets its products under the Pioneer and Premier brand names. When purchased from an authorized dealer, consumers receive a limited warranty for one year with Pioneer products and two years for Premier products.

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is headquartered in Long Beach, Calif., and its U.S. Web address is Its parent company, Pioneer Corporation, is a leader in optical disc technology and a preeminent manufacturer of high-performance audio, video, computer and cable equipment for the home, car and business markets. The company focuses on four core business domains including DVD, display technologies, Digital Network Entertainment and components. Founded in 1938 in Tokyo, Pioneer Corporation (NYSE:PIO) employs more than 35,000 people worldwide. Its shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange.