Oettinger Releases Shift Paddle Upgrade for DSG Volkswagens

Oettinger North America proudly announces a new exciting product — enhanced DSG Paddles Shifters! Oettinger has carefully studied the ergonomics of the factory steering wheel and the existing undersized paddles. The result is a new design with improved feel and accessibility compared to the small plastic factory handles. Oettinger’s new paddles are similar in performance to the shift controls found in top levels of racing. They are ideal for track use as well as everyday driving.

Oettinger’s DSG paddles are formed from zinc alloy and allow for more convenient and easier shifting for DSG-equipped VWs. The Oettinger paddles replace the small, hard to find, factory paddles. These are NOT stick on paddle extensions; they replace the entire plastic factory pedal arm and integrate perfectly into the existing mechanism.

As with every Oettinger interior and exterior component, this product has been designed to adhere to a very strict design philosophy — enhance the existing design but work in unity with the form, aesthetics and design of the entire car. The product is designed to look good and ‘fit’ from every angle.

Oettinger North America is offering these paddles in one of two finishes, Silver or Black. The introductory price is $249. They work on the following car models:

Golf Mk5 with DSG, 2006-2009

Golf Mk6 with DSG, 2009+

Golf R32 MK5 with DSG, 2006-2009

Jetta with DSG, Mk5 (if Paddle equipped, does not include TDI) 2006+

GLI with DSG, 2006-2009

Passat B6 with DSG or Tiptronic, if paddle equipped, 2005–present

Passat B6 R36 with DSG or Tiptronic, 2007+

Passat CC VR6 with Tiptronic, 2008+

An installation instruction video is available on our website – Oettinger Product Manuals / Downloads

Oettinger DSG paddles are available direct through Oettinger North America. You can order by clicking on the product page – click here for black finish or click here for silver finish. You can also order by phone at 334-408-4525.

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