Perfect Image Creations returns to the VW Vortex

Back by popular demand! Perfect Image Creations has returned to the VW Vortex with a new limited production run of aluminum interior dash components. Dean Getchell or “Metal Man” Produces the finest aluminum interior dash pieces available. Last Spring a limited number of his kits were available for purchase and were sold out by June. For those unfamiliar with his product these are the only “real aluminum” kits available on the market. CNC machined from solid brushed aluminum and clear anodized. The Majority of these pieces fit easily into recessed areas of the dash and look factory installed. In fact GLI and R32 owners finish off their factory aluminum interiors with his additional pieces because the grain pattern matches perfectly.

Like any well-done modification the kit greatly enhances any color VW interior. And for the first time ever a new “titanium finish” is available. But take note: after receiving several inquiries “metal man” has produced his last batch of kits and pieces for the ‘99 to ‘05 MKIV that will be sold. He is exclusively selling these last few MKIV kits through the VWvortex connection. He says, “to maintain the rarity for my loyal customers, these numbered kits are the last of their kind”. And we believe it, ABD has sold out of his kits and he sold out of the Audi A4 kits and will never produce more. This is what makes these kits so rare, so get one before they’re all sold out.