Pulleys, Clutches and Flywheels from Unorthodox Racing

Unorthodox Racing Aluminum Crank Pulleys and Pulley Sets

Unorthodox Racing has a complete line of aluminum crank pulleys and pulley sets for most Audi and Volkswagen applications. Unorthodox Racing pulleys have over 8 years of real-world use in street, road, rally, and drag racing. These pulleys see power gains throughout the entire RPM range, with peaks of 12-18 HP and 10-16 lbs.-ft. common. All pulleys are CNC-machined from premium 6061-T6 aluminum billet. They can be purchased as the crank pulley only, or as a set. All sets include the crank pulley. Underdrive and stock diameter pulleys are also available. The accessories included in the sets depend on the application, but can contain the alternator, power steering, and water pump pulleys.

Unorthodox Racing Performance Clutches

Unorthodox Racing has a complete line of performance clutches for your Audi or Volkswagen. Their new DiscSystem™ makes selecting the proper clutch for your vehicle easy. The DiscSystem™ works off the clutch disc and not the pressure plate since all pressure plates are optimized in the same way. Simply select the appropriate disc for your power requirements and you are done. There are no confusing stages or disc/pressure plate combinations. Hubs are available in solid or sprung configurations, and disc facings come in either full, segmented, 4, or 6 paddle designs. Clutch covers are designed to be easy on clutch hydraulics, while still maintaining excellent engagement characteristics and holding capacity.

Unorthodox Racing Aluminum Flywheels

Unorthodox Racing has a complete line of aluminum flywheels for your Audi or Volkswagen. The aluminum flywheels are machined to within .001″ of eccentricity and parallelism (to name a few important specs). This includes the step height which is critical to proper clutch break-in and engagement. A specially-treated replaceable steel insert utilizes a unique ferritic nitrocarburizing process that makes them resistant to aggressive ceramic clutches, as well as keeping the co-efficient of friction high. In many flywheels on the market, the co-efficient of friction is compromised for hardness. Not so in these units. Another benefit to these aluminum flywheels is the fact that they can be serviced, which is not the case with Chrome-Moly flywheels.

For more information and dealer inquiries, please visit them on the web at www.UnorthodoxRacing.com or give them a call at (631) 586-9525.