Revo Stage 2 and Stage 3 Performance Software

Dear Revo Customers,

We here at Revo would like to announce our NEW – Stage 2 and 3 performance software!

Stage 2 Performance Software $549.00

Revo Stage 2 software has been specifically developed to attain the best possible performance from cars with more extensive bolt on performance modifications. Revo Stage 2 software is tuned on vehicle applications using a 4 bar fuel pressure regulator, a quality aftermarket 2.5“ turbo-back exhaust system and a good air intake induction system. Furthermore, Stage 2 software can be used without a catalytic converter for race or track use. The tuning style is more aggressive than the basic Revo performance software, and will typically yield 10-15% more useable power. Working in conjunction with an optional SPS device, Stage 2 software can be finely tuned to each customer’s preference of drivability.

Stage 3 Performance Software $699.00

Revo Stage 3 software has been specifically developed to compliment a proven package of extensive bolt-on modifications. It allows the user to choose one of several turbo charger upgrades in addition to exhaust and intake upgrades. Our Stage 3 tuning is very aggressive and depending on the hardware package you opt for will yield up to 200% power gains over standard horsepower figures*. For this software to run efficiently and reliably, a strict hardware build list must be adhered to. The individual tested components are listed on each specific car’s application pages. An SPS 3 is highly recommended for this range of software in order to guarantee optimal performance gains.