Revstyle Wheels Rebate Program For Vortex Readers

Revstyle wheels, a leader in style and innovation, is now offering a significant kick-back to VWVortex and Fourtitude users who want to represent their products. The PRP (Photo Rebate Program) offers refunds of up to 35% of the purchase price to any Volkswagen or Audi owner who would like their car to be part of RevStyle’s growth into the VAG market. Simply install a set of RevStyle wheels and send in photos of your vehicle. Within 24 hours of photo receipt & processing, a rebate commensurate with the level of photographs will be issued. Maximum potential rebate amount will be agreed upon prior to purchasing, and will vary in amount based on requirements such as wheel style, size, finish, photograph quality, and overall modifications and appearance of the car. For more details, please contact or visit their website at