Solutions For Shredded Shiftboots

Has your shift boot seen better days? Your park brake boot been through the wringer? Perhaps you simply want to upgrade your stock vinyl pieces to finer leather? Or maybe you’re looking for the finishing touch to your custom interior? Regardless of reasons, Redline Goods has a solution for you.

Starting with fine, buttery Italian leather, Redline Goods will hand-craft a new pair of boots for your Mk. II or Mk. III Golf or Jetta. Not only is the quality of the material top-notch, but so is the workmanship, featuring such fine details as double top-stitching. The boots are made specifically for your model, so they fit perfectly without any modification.

We chose a pair of black leather boots with black stitching for our mostly-stock restoration project, Second Chance GTI. But your choices are not so limited. You can select both the leather color and the stitching color from their extensive palettes.

You would expect to pay a premium for such a nice piece of work, but Redline has managed to keep the prices extremely reasonable. You can purchase either a shift boot or a park brake boot individually for just $35 each, or buy the pair together for just $60. Redline accepts all major credit cards. The boots are shipped directly from Europe, and ours arrived about two weeks from placing our order. For more information, contact Redline Goods