Special Discount on the CC at The Autobarn of Countryside, Illinois Limited Time Offer

Even though demand is high, the CC is being offered at a special factory discount price at the Autobarn Volkswagen Countryside, located 15 minutes from downtown Chicago.

When a great offer comes along sometimes the hardest challenge is to communicate the details to the most interested parties in a timely manner.

We just wanted to make sure that our good friends at Vwvortex knew that during the Chicago Auto Show it is possible to lease a 2009 Volkswagen CC for $269 per month.

“Right now, we can offer Volkswagen lovers a chance to buy a new CC and save an additional two thousand dollars in the process.”“This offer will expire by the end of the month. This is something that’s tied solely to the Chicago Auto Show, which is why dealerships in other areas are still selling the CC at $299 a month.”

So, if you’re interested in taking a trip to Chicago, you just might be able to drive back in a new CC, and save about one thousand dollars in the process.

“We welcome business from outside Chicagoland, so if anyone wants to purchase a CC from us during this offer, we’ll do everything we can to accommodate them, ” Kirkpatrick said.

If you are interested, you can e-mail The Autobarn Countryside at rkirkpatrick@theautobarn.com to check on availability. They had 49 CCs available and in stock when this article was written.