Stage 1 Pre Wash Available Exclusively from Stage Car Care

Rush, New York- Stage Car Care introduces it’s first product in a forthcoming line of car car products, Stage 1 Pre Wash. Stage Car Care intends to release an every increasing line of car care products that specifically appeal to the enthusiasts that detail and tune their car.

Right out of the gate comes the groundbreaking Stage 1 product. In the works for nearly 3 years, Stage 1 helps you to remove dirt before you wash your car. An idea that stops some people in their tracks, it turns out that fine scratching and swirling on enthusiast cars is many time the result of hand washing. It’s a concept that is hard to come to terms with but turns out to be a reality. Stage 1 is a product specially developed to help with this problem.

“I’ve been working on various formulas over the past few years, trying to get it just right,” says Pete Ryckaert Stage Car Care co-owner and Stage 1 inventor. “ It has always bothered me that you had to rub in all that dirt when you hand washed a dirty car.”

As you would expect, Stage 1 is pH balanced so that it will not affect hard earned wax applications. Stage 1 is also biodegradable and completely safe for the environment. Stage 1 uses special surfactants to encapsulate dirt that can be rinsed away. Stage 1 is applied to the finish prior to hand washing and after 1 minute the finish is simply rinsed and then safer hand washing can begin.

Stage 1 is available today in a 36oz. size bottle that comes with a professional trigger sprayer for $7.99. For a limited time 4oz. Stage 1 samples are available for the cost of shipping alone. For more details and ordering please visit